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CCSH is a research-based approach to spiritual health consultation. CCSH provides a framework for spiritual health encounters based on the four stages of any consultation. The framework of CCSH is based on common human spiritual needs and allows for reliance upon the faith tradition – if there is one – of both care seeker and care responder. The CCSH framework does not preclude the use of other spiritual assessment models, but rather is offered as a supportive addition to those models.

CCSH supports attuned conversations to naturally draw out a care seeker’s spiritual or other coping resources, helping these resources to become more visible and available. It also supports interventions and practices to provide perspectives that nurture strengths and relieve distress in the present moment while offering insights to support long term wellbeing. The CCSH framework supports the care responder’s cultivation of cultural competency and trauma-sensitive care.

The CCSH framework can guide care responders encountering care seekers in many situations:

  • Visits with patients
  • Consoling family members
  • Supporting hospital staff members
  • Supporting teams in a hospital or clinic setting
  • Congregational care and support
  • Any other encounter between care seeker(s) and a professional spiritual health clinician
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To support spiritual health – individually and collectively – through strengthening and sustaining compassion rooted in our common humanity.


Provide educational opportunities in Compassion-Centered Spiritual Health to complement ACPE learning outcomes.

Provide a spiritual health approach inspired by CBCT for use by care providers from any – or no – faith tradition.

Create research opportunities that integrate ACPE CPE best practices of Spiritual Health with the CBCT core curriculum.

Meet the Director

Maureen Jenci Shelton, M.Div

ACPE Educator, Senior CBCT Certified Instructor for Spiritual Health, CCSH-RC, CCSH-RT, System Director of Education, Spiritual Health at Emory Healthcare, Director of the Division of Compassion-Centered Spiritual Health, Woodruff Health Sciences Center of Emory University

Maureen serves as a co-developer/author, along with Tim Harrison (Associate Director of CBCT®), Dr. George Grant and Dr. Lobsang Tenzin Negi (Executive Director of Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based Ethics), of the CCSH™ Intervention Model and CCSH™ Manual as well as the supporting Curriculum for the training in CCSH™.

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