CCSH is a research-based method to alleviate distress in patients and families and to mitigate burnout in healthcare professionals. CCSH hopes to offer to Spiritual Health Professionals and communities a research-based model of compassionate and inclusive spiritual care which fosters the ability to determine and address causes of suffering and which cultivates mindsets and skills supportive of the well-being of both care seekers and care responders. 

Training within Emory Spiritual Health

CCSH Training for Residents

Spiritual Health residents are trained in CCSH interventions and are given the opportunity to continue their training toward CCSH Registered Clinican status. 

CCSH Fellowship Program

CCSH Fellows will engage in a developing program to become registered interventionists in CCSH while working toward professional goals in spiritual health disciplines (e.g., Board Certification with APC, and strategic partners). CCSH Fellows work in a designated clinical treatment service area, receive training in CCSH, and consultation toward spiritual health vocational goals. While the application for this fellowship requires 4 units of CPE, this is a post CPE fellowship where no units of CPE are granted. This unique opportunity allows for specialization in the expanding professional field of Spiritual Health.

Current CCSH Fellowship Cohort

Valerie Caldwell

CCSH Fellow, Emory University Orthopedics & Spine Hospital

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Belinda Douglas

CCSH Fellow, Emory University Hospital Midtown

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Adrien Edoo

CCSH Fellow, Winship Cancer Institute Midtown

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Rizza Hohenstern

CCSH Fellow, Winship Cancer Institute

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MJ Kim

CCSH Fellow, Emory University Hospital

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Wyatt Miles IV

CCSH Fellow, Emory University Hospital

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Cecile Moody

CCSH Fellow, Emory University Hospital Midtown

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Alyssa Peterson-DeWitt

CCSH Fellow, Emory Johns Creek Hospital

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Tyler Replogle

CCSH Fellow, Peachford Hospital

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Missy Roberts

CCSH Fellow, Emory Winship at Clifton

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Leroygo Shedrick

CCSH Fellow, Emory Decatur Hospital

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Karin Van Vlack

CCSH Fellow, Emory Winship Supportive Care Clinic and Emory Proton Therapy Center

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Training for Spiritual Health Professionals

CCSH Registered Clinician

We are excited about offering this opportunity to become trained in this Research-Based CCSH Interventional Approach based on the core principles of Cognitively-Based Compassion Training (CBCT®). 

Read CCSH Timeline for full details

CBCT Training®

Compassion Training for Nurses and Other Providers

A program of the Center for Contemplative Science & Compassion-Based Ethics at Emory University and the Emory Nursing Professional Development Center. Includes In-person workshop plus online programming. 

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CBCT Training for Spiritual Health Clinicians

ACPE Certified Educators and CBCT Certified Instructors, Maureen Shelton and Jamie Beachy, are offering CBCT training starting January 2024. 

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